Board and Train

Board and Train

2 Weeks
Whether you just got a new puppy or have an older adult, the Board and Train program may be the fit for you. Your best friend will live with the trainer and learn how to be a better pup. The trainer will work on crate training, house training, basic manners, basic obedience and any other problems you may have. For Board and Train, we require a minimum 2 week stay. There is the option of a 4 week Board and Train which will include off leash training as well as the above mentioned. We require proof of vaccines and that you provide food for the dog.  The price of the Board and Train program will include a cot bed that will be used for the training process. The 4 week Board and Train will require a remote training dog collar, which is included in the price. Pricing is $1400 for the 2 week program with 75% due up front and the remaining balance due when you pick up your friend. (We do not offer grooming but the website isn't letting me fix that.)

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